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2022 Educational Tour (Family Edition)

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Hosted by: The Global Foundation for Education & Economic Mobility, Inc. (A USA 501c3 nonprofit charity)

Quinetha Frasier CEO

If you are like me, you have built a life of success because someone invested in you while you diligently worked to grow a professional career. The life we have worked to create affords us a world of learning GROWTH and GIVING. We each have a desire to give by…

  • Leaving a legacy that points to our purpose-filled life
  • Planting seeds into the future of our young loved ones
  • Remembering those who lack sufficient resources to build a future for themselves

I founded The Global Foundation for Education and Economic Mobility (GFEEM) with three recent College graduates and a mission to increase positive educational and economic outcomes for women and children of color, especially those native to the US Gullah Geechie Corridor and Sub Saharan African Countries.

This June, I invite you to join me and about 15 friends and mentors–in business and philanthropy– for a 10-day family edition – social impact trip to Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya.

This nonprofit educational and cultural tour is hosted by GFEEM and our
African partners. The itinerary includes:

  • An overnight tour of a Kenyan Animal Reserve.
  • An escorted tour of a woman-owned k-12 school in Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya
  • An arranged visit with a brilliant Kenyan female tailor at her posh Couture shop in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Private, escorted visit to Kenya’s largest shopping markets
  • Beautiful, 4-5 star lodging in Nairobi and Mombasa Kenya
This fun and informative trip was designed for people, like us, who love to learn and build other people. The experiences listed on the itinerary were carefully considered so that you can spend time enjoying the beauty of Kenya’s people, wildlife, culture and business community. Please take time to read through the information. I hope to see you on a plane headed to Kenya in June. If you cannot travel this time, please support GFEEM and plan to join us for our Winter tour.

Have a prosperous day!
– Que

Educational Booklet

The GFEEM 2022 Kenya Social Impact Educational Tour will depart from the Atlanta area on June 26th, traveling between Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya until July 7th 2021. We have partnered with a global Travel Agency, to support our travel logistics and booking. Your family can pay an initial deposit and patiently prepare to travel next year.

The GFEEM Team has curated a series of cultural, social impact, and educational experiences based on our personal/business relationships and experiences in Kenya and abroad.

You will have lots of time to sight see, and/or invest in local artisans (wink to shoppers). You can expect accommodations and recommendations for travelers at all stages of life and curiosity.

Join us for a laid-back, high comfort, high impact trip to one of the most beautiful places on the continent of Africa. Your presence alone will make a tremendous difference in the lives of women who have already proven the power of investing in themselves.


OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Kenya
OFFICIAL LANGUAGE(S): Swahili, English
CAPITAL: Nairobi
LOCATION: East Africa- borders Uganda, South Sudan,
Ethiopia, Somalia and Tanzania
CURRENCY: Kenyan Shillings ($1USD= KSh109)
TIPPING: Tipping varies on the service you receive.
Tip around 10% in restaurants and 200-500 shillings for hotel staff.

TOURISM: Kenya has many national parks and wildlife
reserves, with safaris featuring large animals; lions, buffalo,
leopards, elephants and rhinoceros

Visit: Magical Kenya For More


Arrest Notification: If you are arrested or detained,
ask police or prison officials to notify the U.S. Embassy
Criminal Penalties: Penalties for possessing, using,
or trafficking illegal drugs in Kenya are severe, and
convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and
heavy fines.
Currency: You may depart the country with up to 100,000
Kenyan shillings.
LGBTI Travelers: Kenyan law criminalizes same-sex
sexual activity.


Culture Facts


  • Kenyan Time is flexible ( Kenyan time is flexible and it is 8 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time ) . Culturally, the pace of life is slower. Don’t expect people to be in a rush the way Americans often are.
  • Tea is commonly served with every meal and during social gatherings.
  • Must go through metal detectors before entering any building/complex.
  • Kenyans value politeness and aren’t rude or aggressive people. Always greet people enthusiastically, smile, and be mindful to not be curt.
  • Don’t say “Jambo”. It is an immediate marker for a tourist. Most Kenyans greet with “Habari” which means “How are you?”
  • Kenyans dress more conservatively and emphasize being well dressed. Sloppy, damaged or revealing clothing warrants a lower degree of respect.
  • Don’t point at people with your finger. It’s a confrontational gesture.
  • Don’t be unsettled by shifting in eye contact (especially when talking to someone younger than you). It is normal for people to not maintain direct gaze

KENYA Entry Requirements

  • A Passport : With at least two blank pages, six month’s validity, and a visa re required to enter kenya
  • Single – Entry  Visas : are available online and upon arrival at Kenyan airports; however, kenyan immigration plans to end visas upon arrival in the future.

Multiple-entry visas must be applied for prior to traveling to Kenya

  • Obtain the latest information on Visas: as well as any additional details regarding entry requirements, from the Embassy of kenya, 2249 R Street, NW, Washington, D.c 20008, telephone (202) 387-6101
  • Proof of Yellow fever Immunization: You may be denied entry without it. Passport health has nationwide locations that provide the vaccine.
  • COVID PCR test: Taken no more than 72 hours before clearing customs in Kenya


  • PLANE– Flights are frequent and reliable between Nairobi and Mombasa.
  • TRAIN – Kenya Railways is an easy and reliable alternative to flying from Nairobi to Mombasa.
  • TAXI – Taxis can be found on every corner in Nairobi and journeys. Agree on the fair prior to taking the ride.
  • SHARED TAXI (PEUGEOT) – good alternative to matatu’s that carry 7-9 passengers. Slightly more expensive than matatu’s.
  • BUS – Nairobi is the only city with an effective municipal bus service.
  • MATATU (MINI BUS) – Local people’s main form of transport. Fares range from KSh40 and may reach KSh100 for longer routes in Nairobi.
  • TUK-TUK (MOTORIZED MINI TAXI) – Malindi, Mombasa and Nairobi and Diani Beach have many for short journeys that and Nairobi and Diani Beach have many for short journeys that start at KSh100.
  • BODA BODA (BICYCLE OR MOTORCYCLE TAXI)– common in small towns where taxis are harder to find. Short ride should cost around KSh100-200


Nairobi & Mombasa, Kenya


GFEEM CONTACT: Quinetha Frasier,


June 2022 Itinerary

Day Activity

Day 1: Sunday 26th June

All passengers board and fly to Nairobi, Kenya

Day 2: Monday 27th June

Arrive in Nairobi, Kenya after 7pm EAT
Palacina or Raddison Blu (Que+London will take care of Nairobi accommodations)

- Welcome Dinner
- Optional Massage

Day 3:  Tuesday 28th June

Option #1 - Shopping

- Visit with Couture Tailor and Visit local Shopping Center
- Visit Masai market for local artisan and craft shopping

Option #2 - Tour of Nairobi Walking Tour of CBD Nairobi Museum Arborteum

Option #3- Spa Day Salon or Home Service Hair and Nails Dinner at Peppertree

Day 4: Wednesday 29th June

Cultural Day

  • Kenya National State Park- 6 am start 
  • Mid Morning picnic in the park
  • Giraffe Sanctuary
  • Visit The Bomas- 2 pm lunch
  • GFEEM and Partners Dinner?

Day 5: Thursday 30th June

Naivasha day trip

Lake Naivasha Boat ride

  • Crescent Island + Boat Ride+ lunch
  • Hells Gate

Day 6: Friday 1st July

Depart Nairobi to travel to the coast- Mombasa, Kenya 

  • Akwaamba Hand carved wood Art Collective Visit
  • Visit with Royal Mikandani School (K-12 Boarding School)

Travel to Watamu 

Group Dinner

Day 7: Saturday 2nd July


Option 1: Day Boat Tour

Option 2: Sign Up for Water Spots- WindSurf, Kayak 

Option 3: Pool Day and Massage

Day 8: Sunday 3rd July


Option 1: Day Boat Tour

Option 2: Sign Up for Water Spots- WindSurf, Kayak 

Option 3: Pool Day and Massage 

Option 4: Shimba Hills - Watamu Reserve

Day 9: Monday 4th July


Option 1: Day Boat Tour

Option 2: Sign Up for Water Spots- WindSurf, Kayak 

Option 3: Pool Day and Massage 

Option 4: Shimba Hills - Watamu

*GFEEM sponsored Happy Hour for Kenyan Female Entrepreneurs + Partners

Day 10: Tuesday 5th July

Depart Mombasa, travel  back to Nairobi

Day 11: Wednesday 6th July

Nairobi- Palacina or Radisson Blu (Que+London will take care of Nairobi accommodations)

  • Hiking and Tigoni tea trip-  Turi a Mumbi. - Tigoni

Day 12: Thursday 7th July

Depart Nairobi for USA